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Our reusable toilet training undies provide the perfect transition from cloth nappies to underwear. Our reusable and washable training undies are designed to replace the disposable "pull-up" alternatives that are generally integrated into a toddler's life for transitioning to toilet training.

Our training undies help your child understand the concept of an underwear style - just with extra snaps on the side for practicality. They are water resistant and will hold a full soiling and can be worn for hours, either inside or outside the home. The lack of a stay-dry lining means your little one will feel the moisture when they have potentially soiled themselves- which helps in connecting the mind and body and bring awareness to bodily functions.

The snaps featured on the sides, allow for simple removal if soiling has occurred.

Our toilet training undies include a recycled post-consumer polyester outer, featuring designer prints by renowned artists. The lining is comprised of three layers of absorbent bamboo-cotton fleece.

Our training undies feature a flexible wide elastic around the tummy, which sits flat and comfortable against your little one. The side snapping feature, allows you to customise the fit to your child's shape without fear of needing to purchase a new size with each growth spurt.

Designed for weights 5-14kg.

Need Bigger? Head to our Junior reusable Nappy Pants for bubs 15kg+.


Nappy pants vary to conventional children’s underwear as they are designed to cater to leaks and accidents and provide support whilst transitioning from nappies to big-kid-undies.

A great option for night use, lengthy car rides, events and outings. You can use your regular nappy booster as an added extra inside if you need!

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