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Introducing our preferred partner for your ultimate Nappy Dry Pail needs - Strucket.

A dry-pail is an open aired (no lid), aerated strainer style bucket, that sits atop a base for added aeration underneath. 

What is the dry pail designed to hold? They're designed to store soiled cloth nappies, pads, baby clothing, food covered bibs and more!

Once you’ve removed soiled items from your little one, you will need to scrape off any 3D matter into toilet with toilet paper as best you can. 

Then, place your items in this dry-pail for “drying” and storing, until your chosen machine washing day. 


  • Make sure you separate the covers and inners, and turn any baby clothing inside out before pailing.
  • No soaking needed for modern cloth nappies, pads or our reusable training pull-ups.

We recommend the below, as our standard washing routine with your dry-pail:

Cycle 1: “Pre Wash”. This is a separate cycle to run, ideally 30-60 mins @40-60 degrees to remove the heavy soiling.

*Water needs to drain, hence don’t choose an integrated “prewash” Option in a longer cycle. 2 separate cycles back-to-back is ideal.

Cycle 2: “Main Wash”. This is where you can go ahead and add ALL the household washing you may have. Excluding linen, large towelling or blankets. 

Choose a cycle that is approx 2 hours @40-60 degrees.

When do we recommend as your ideal WASH DAY?

We recommend every 3 days max! A routine commonly used, is to empty your dry pail in to your machine on the evening of day 2. Follow this by starting the Main wash cycle before you head to bed. That is so, when you wake up, they now-clean items are ready for drying.

Another popular routine can be to empty your dry-pail in to the machine, the morning of day 3. Follow this with your Main wash, and then drying can occur throughout day 3.

Notes for drying:

- We recommend line drying (covers not to be tumble dried). 

- STRETCH those inserts, boosters and Trifolds when wet. Being natural fibre blends, they will shrink in water slightly. Give a good stretch before drying and then will dry faster and better to shape!

The dry-pail (Strucket) is also commonly purchased for further uses such as those below:

  • Cleaning clothes / laundry day
  • Washing fruit and vegetables
  • Cleansing kid's toys and products
  • Keeping food and drinks cold (use as an esky)
  • Gardening and watering plants


44.5cm x 31.5cm x 27.5cm (LxWxH)


Industry standard recommends “dry-pailing” for used cloth nappies. A dry pail is a term used for an open aired bucket storage system which allows maximum aeration of your items until machine-wash day. Preferably a strong reusable plastic option allowing you to regularly also wash your dry-pail alongside your nappies.

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