Our Story

Jordan @ Bare and Boho

In 2016 I began seeking waste-free solutions for my family. As a young and first-time-mum to my son, I was especially inspired to ditch the mountain of disposable nappies and disposable wipes I found myself using during those early months, and so my journey towards seeking sustainable solutions began.

The concept of reusable nappies was niche, largely underground and the market was very small in Australia for these types of products.  It was difficult finding local retailers stocking such eco friendly solutions, and so I really felt that I needed to be the one to create the products I was seeking.

The options that were available, appeared limited in their designs, style and functionality, and I felt inspired to incorporate my love of minimalism, nature (specifically Australia’s beautiful oceans) and appreciation for high quality organic fabrics, to design and launch my own eco-friendly range.

So, I sought out a local seamstress willing to work with me to create my initial prototypes, and from there the interest grew. Soon enough, I realised there was a need for my solutions and I decided to dive in and launch the range under a brand, of which Bare and Boho, was particularly encompassing of the simple life my family lived in north Queensland.

And so Bare and Boho was launched in 2017, with our first pallet of stock, and overnight sold out. Over the following 12 months I exhibited at Baby trade shows, markets and was soon cast into the National limelight via the television series- Shark Tank. Bare and Boho became a household name from this point forward, in the category of reusable baby wares.

Bare and Boho has been able to source key design partnerships with local and exclusive artists here in Australia, sharing products that appeal to Australian and international parents, looking for beautiful yet functional baby products. 

We have since become a category leader in the Baby and Reusable Hygiene category here in Australia and a growing presence globally, partnering with large retail groups and now being stocked in baby stores around the world.

The Bare and Boho difference is found in the functionality we capture in our range, as well as the distinct style of our artist collaborations and branding. It was and continues to be important to our brand, to showcase Australian artists and largely incorporate nature inspired prints, as opposed to the traditional prints designed for children on the market – such as trucks or cartoons or bright colours.

As a brand, we continue to strive to be innovative and feature trending designs, incorporate organic and recycled fibres and explore new production technologies. We continue to strive for transparency in our fibre technology and our ethical production and have been working alongside the same production teams for over five years now, building relationships and learning together.

We truly hope our customers enjoy the designer prints, as well as find the functionality a useful alternative in your home and with your little ones.

So from our team and family here in Australia, we appreciate all your support for our brand, as well as want to share our thanks to you, for choosing to REUSE! 😊

Much love,

Jordan – Founder

Jordan @ Bare and Boho