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Our Artists

Cass Deller

About: I’m Cass - I am an Illustrator, Lettering Artist and Surface Designer based on the Sunshine Coast. My passion is working with big-hearted brands to create beautiful coastal illustrations, unique prints, and hand lettering for their branding, products and textile designs. The designs we have created in collaboration with Bare and Boho were inspired by the beauty of our natural surroundings. The artworks are subtle in tone to reflect the purity of our childhood, whilst incorporating a pop of colour to represent the element of play. We are so excited to see this range come to life and be enjoyed by Australian families.

Teegan Nash

About: I'm a designer from Queensland, Australia. I've been creating art, digital graphics and patterns my whole life! My work is almost always inspired by our greatest designer - Nature. Inspiration comes to me from mother earth's patterns and creative energy and this keeps me grounded and purposeful in my work. I am also always inspired by my son, who makes me be a better person everyday, both in my creative work but in my interactions with earth and being present in life. My vision was to offer a relaxed and natural colour palette, hand drawn raw and organic fonts, and a series of hand-drawn botanical line drawings, which are now part of the Native Botanical Prints Collection! I hand-drew each of these botanical line drawing elements using pen and ink - the Gum, the Rosella, the Cotton pods, the Gumnuts were all foraged from my garden and the local bush around me. My favourite piece of the brand I created are the plantable thank you cards, which are made with Australian hand-made paper implanted with Basil seeds. I love that they are waste free and re-usable for a new purpose to create an editable new plant!

Holly Ogden

About: I'm a dive master and self-taught artist from Western Australia. I began painting whilst living overseas on tropical islands working as a dive master. I'm currently illustrating and creating a children's book called "The Little Divers Alphabet" which I aim to use as a tool to teach children all about some super unique, obscure marine animals - inspire future and little divers and to be environmentally aware and conscious. Having my son, Kala helped me find a purpose with my artwork and I intend to convert my artwork into Marine Identification classes for children and also art classes to spark the creative side in our kids - because without art, life is boring!

Kate Waters

About: Hey! My name is Kate, and I am a full-time mama, living in glorious Queensland with the greatest love of my life Luke and our hilarious and sweet baby boy, Leo. We are a little family of vegans, and spend almost all of our time together outdoors, exploring this beautiful world that we are so lucky to enjoy! This is where I gain almost all of my inspiration from. The colours, textures and vibrancy that nature offers. Art, drawing, doodling and basically anything creative is something that I have always been passionate about, and have experimented with since I was a young girl, living in South Africa. I find creating and bringing life to my ideas to be so soothing and therapeutic. I crave it, and I feel like it is such a soul nourishing, mindful activity and I have, in the past, become so lost in what I am drawing, that I would carry on into the early hours of the morning, showering quickly... and going to straight to work with no sleep! Things are different now with a little cub in tow, but I still love to create whenever I can, and have been working hard in the background on my little art page, where I have rebranded to bring to life a new vision that is better suited to my new life as a mum. One filled with educational posters and resources, that appeal to both of our little ones, and to us. I feel so honoured to be a part of Jordan’s special journey, helping to bring her creative visions to life, and watching them live out their days on cute little baby bums.

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