Reusable Microfleece Nappy Liners | 10 Pack

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Enhance your nappy routine with the luxury and functionality of our Reusable Microfleece Nappy Liners. 

The moisture-wicking properties of microfleece keep your baby feeling dry and comfortable. Even during extended periods such as with night nappies-  these liners help prevent dampness and irritation – as the microfleece stay dry and stay soft all night long!

Experience hassle-free nappy changes with our microfleece liners. Placed inside the nappy – over the reusable inner (insert / trifold / booster), the liners act as a barrier between your baby's skin and the nappy. Not only making cleanup a breeze, as the liner will catch the solids, but also a safe way to use a nappy balm cream without impacting the fleece liners.

Simply lift liner out and dispose of any solid waste by shaking in to toilet or rinsing down laundry sink. Leaving your cloth nappies cleaner and easier to clean!

Each set of reusable liners, includes 10 reusable cloth nappy liners.

If you are looking for a compostable or disposable alternative to these reusable liners, head to our Compostable Liners to view the packs!


Our reusable microfleece liners are a wonderful alternative to our disposable Bamboo Viscose Liners. They are designed to be laid flat over your nappy insert, to collect solid waste from embedding into the natural fibre inserts.

This will allow for easier clean up, as solid waste will fall more easily off liner, therefore protecting your natural fibre inserts and increasing their lifespan. Microfleece is also effective at wicking away moisture from baby's bottom, which will protect sensitive skin.

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