Reusable Cloth Pads Light | 3 Pack Posy

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Absorbency: Light

Bundle More, Save More!

Introducing our Reusable Cloth Pads - an eco-friendly and budget-savvy solution for periods, incontinence and post-partum bleeding. Say goodbye to disposable pads and tampons!

Made from post-consumer recycled polyester, our cloth pad range features water resistant lining – and function just like disposable pads.

Water resistant wings can be adjusted to two different widths and the snaps on the wings, snap around your undies, ensuring they are secure for you.

Included in our 3 Pack Set - Light / Pantyliner:

  • 3 x Light / Pantyliner - Reusable Cloth Pads

Each pad contains a base layer of water resistant fabric (PFAS Free) and is covered by three layers of absorbent bamboo-cotton fleece (OEKO-Tex certified). These layers are both soft, and absorbent.

Our cloth pads are designed in fours varied sizes and absorbency - to offer tailored absorption throughout the days needed.

Our Ultra and Heavy pads are designed for heavy flow and have higher absorption than our Light and Medium pads, due to an added third extra layer of Bamboo-cotton fleece.

Our Light Pads are designed for spotting, light leakage or bleeding.

Each pad is reusable and machine washable.

With four sizes to choose from, check which one is right for you with our Size Chart



How we care for our bodies and our cycle, are more important than we may think. And the attributing impacts of our feminine hygiene products on the environment, to our health and the impact on our bank accounts is more significant than one may realise.

You’ll love the change, appreciate the reconnection and feel empowered by the conscious hands-on approach cloth usage involves.

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