Nappy Booster Kit | 5 Pack

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Introducing our Reusable Nappy Boosting Kits - the ultimate solution for enhancing the absorbency, performance, and longevity of your cloth nappies.

Given the changes to your baby or toddler’s output as they grow, boosting your nappy, allows you to customise the absorption needs of your child easily.

Our One Size Boosting Kits are designed to compliment our One Size Cloth Nappies; for weights 2.5 - 18kg. 

Booster Pads are a contoured pad that sit on top of your insert. They don't need to be snapped in, and can be placed where absorption is needed most. For boys or tummy sleepers, folding the booster and placing at front of the nappy can be helpful. 

Trifolds are a large rectangular pad, folded thrice to create our most thirsty pad. When folded, creates 9-layers of absorbent fleece. These can be snapped in to the cover, or can be simply laid inside the cover.

Each Kit Includes:

  • 3 x 4-Layer Booster Pads - Bamboo, Cotton Blend with Stay-Dry Lining
  • 2 x 3-Layer Trifolds - Bamboo, Cotton Blend (Folded thrice to create 9 layers).

Our Boosters feature 4- layers of fabric, including layers of bamboo-cotton fleece and a top Stay dry layer of Microfleece (OEKO-Tex certified). 

Each booster is contoured to shape well around the inner thighs, helping to avoid leakage. Our boosters are ideal for heavy wetters, as well as adding length to your nappy changing timeline throughout the day by furthering the absorption of the nappy.

Our Trifolds feature 3 thirsty layers of bamboo-cotton fleece, which when folded thrice, create the ultimate thirsty absorption pad for your nappy. Trifolds are designed to be folded, so although thirsty, the fit will remain slim and snug in the nappy. Our trifolds can be used solely inside the nappy as an alternative to the insert, or you can use alongside your insert or booster as a thoroughly absorbent combination.

Each trifold features snaps on either end, of one panel of the trifold, allowing trifold to be snapped in to nappy cover if wanted.

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