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Introducing our Reusable Cloth Pads - a revolutionary and eco-friendly solution designed to provide comfort, reliability, and sustainability during your menstrual cycle. Say goodbye to disposable pads and tampons.

Our cloth pads are designed in fours varied sizes to offer tailored absorption throughout the days of your cycle or for incontinence.

Our light pad is the smallest and lightest in absorption, among the pad sizes. Each pad is reusable and machine washable.

Made from post-consumer recycled polyester, the cloth pad range features water resistant lining – these function just like disposable pads. Water resistant wings can be adjusted to two different widths. The snaps on the wings, snap around your undies, ensuring they are secure for you.

Each light pad contains a base layer of water-resistant fabric and is covered by two layers of absorbent bamboo-cotton fleece. These layers are both soft, and absorbent.

Our pads can also be used effectively for perspiration, incontinence & post-partum use.

With four sizes to choose from, check which one is right for you with our Size Chart


The tuffy bar features a blend of Lemon and Eucalyptus to help lift stubborn stains and smells from all textiles, including: cloth nappies, cloth pads, clothing, carpet, upholstery, shoes etc! 

Simply moisten the stain and work the netted soap in to a lather on the stain. Then rinse. Not only will your item look fresh, but it will also smell fresh!

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