Recycle Your Used Bare and Boho Products With Us!

Here at Bare and Boho, we want to make a difference. Our goal is to enlighten and inspire current and upcoming parents on the benefits of switching to reusables and environmentally friendly products for themselves and their family. We are focused on introducing innovative, simple and sustainable items that have a positive impact in parenthood and our environment. 

As part of our commitment to sustainability, we are continuously searching for eco-friendly fabrics and new reusable product ideas that compliment our ethics and promise longevity to our Bare and Boho community. Throughout the production of our Recycled range, made from 100% post-consumer recycled yarn spun up from used plastic bottles, we were inspired to search for a similar movement for all our products and allow them the chance to be recycled and remade into something else when you are done with them. To make this possible, we are now recycling with TerraCycle® through their Zero Waste Box™ solution.

TerraCycle® enables your typical non-recyclable items a chance to be recycled and reused, in comparison to your local council which cannot provide this. By taking advantage of this solution, it allows us to recycle all your baby and feminine hygiene products instead of disposing of them to sit in landfills where they won’t break down for hundreds of years. Through collecting these items and processing them into raw recycled materials, they are transformed into new fabrics and products for new purposes. 

Bare and Boho Terracycle Program

How Can I Be Apart of this Program?

It’s simple! Just send us your Bare & Boho products that you no longer have use for and we will place these in our Zero Waste Boxes™ that we purchase from TerraCycle®. Once these boxes are full, we send them to TerraCycle® to be recycled. And to make doing good even better, we reward you with 10% off your next order!

To get you started, please follow the steps below:

  1. Hold onto your box/compostable sachet that your order arrives in (if you no longer have this you can use an alternative), and pack inside the items you wish to recycle. Please see the list below for products that are accepted.

  2. Flick us an email via our Contact Us form and one of our lovely team members will provide you with our returns form.

  3. Please fill this form out and ensure it is placed in your return parcel for our warehouse team to receive. Please then email the tracking number to us.

  4. Pop over to your local post office. The address to send your package is found on our returns form.

  5. Sit back, relax and wait to receive your email with your individual 10% discount code.

Note: Please ensure your package includes Bare and Boho items that are accepted in the program. All items must be sent back washed and dried. 

What Items Can I Send to Be Recycled?

For any questions on what is accepted and not accepted into the program, please reach out to us via our Contact Us form

Happy recycling!

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+Can I send other products not listed above, or products from other businesses?
At this stage no. We do not accept products that are not listed above or that are from another business. Please recycle these at your local council if accepted.
+Who is to pay for the postage?
Bare and Boho are not responsible for postage fees. Please ensure your tracking number gets emailed to us at We cannot provide you with the discount code if the parcel goes missing.
+When will I receive my discount code?
You will be emailed your individual discount code once your parcel arrives at our warehouse. The discount code can only be used once.
+Can I send back our Bare and Boho products that are now faulty
Absolutely! Whether they are ripped, broken or have just had their time, they can still be recycled. Please ensure all products are cleaned and dried before returning.
+Can I drop my items off at your warehouse?
If you live locally and prefer to drop your items to our warehouse, that is no problem. Please let us know via email when requesting our address and we can schedule in a day/time that works for our warehouse team and you. You will need to still receive and fill out our returns form.