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Designed to replace a typical plastic bag to store wet and soiled items for your little ones.

Super handy and convenient water-resistant storage bags for use with cloth nappies, swimming gear or general purpose travel!

Our wet-bags are made with water-resistant PUL and feature stunning Australian designed prints.

Double-pocketed for convenience (Large only); allowing parents to store in separate pockets their dry and wet items.

Handy wrist-strap for ease of travel or to hang over door, pram or nappy bag.

Zippered closure helps keep wetness and smells effectively contained.

Our sizes include:

Small: 25cm x 15cm (Single Pocket) Ideal for smaller accessories, such as cloth wipes and bamboo spray bottle, dummies, medication, essential oils, purse and passport pouch amongst others.

Medium: 25 x 25cm (Single Pocket) Ideal for medium accessories and single sets of nappies and inserts and boosters. Great for swim sets given the double water-resistant lining.

Large: 35 x 40cm (Double Pocket) Ideal for larger accessories, 8-10 nappies, changemat, wipes, and more.

The Large double-pocket wetbag is ideal for separating dry and clean items to the wet and soiled items. 

Having the trio of sizes in your stash is very helpful to cater to all needs and to have wetbags for organising your items and keeping set aside for varied purposes.

We don’t recommend storing soiled items in your wet-bag longer than 24 hours as this can become a perfect environment for mould to grow. 

You can however remove items from your wetbag at the end of the day when soiled, and then air-out the bag for another use before washing. We recommend washing when you wash your nappies every 2-3 days.

Simply wash with your nappies or regular household laundry. 30-60 degrees Max. No tumble-dry suitable, we recommend line drying is best.

We recommend removing items from your wetbag at the end of the day when soiled, and then air-out the bag for another use before washing. We recommend washing when you wash your nappies every 2-3 days.

We don’t recommend your wet-bag being placed in the dryer as this can deteriorate the inner laminate of the bag. Line drying is best.

Nappy Free Mats

Two sizes available, two budgets to suit!

1m being a handy size (and hugely popular) that rolls up easily and fits in your bag!.

The 1.4m size mats are great for multiple children or gatherings! Both have an attached strap to make packing away easy.

Our mats are water-resistant and wipeable on both sides, also featuring inner layers creating light padding.
Being lightweight, they are versatile for home or out and about! 

They feature an attached strap to make rolling up easy.


30-40 degrees, single cycle.


Hold on to the cotton binding around edging after washing and shake out & before hanging up to dry. 

No tumble-dry.

Simply spraying with your bamboo spray bottle (we recommend filling with our Dr Bronner Baby range) and wiping down with a cloth wipe, the best option for a quick clean when out-and-about. 

You can do this numerous times, over numerous days, before requiring a machine wash for your mat.

Ways to use:
-Nappy free time: Simply lay on the floor, bed or lounge when you wish to give your Bub some air time! If they leave a surprise, simply spray & wipe up, giving more time for developmental tummy time!

Handy tip: hang up after use to air, wash with your nappies every few days.
-Feeding frenzies: Great to protect rugs, under high chairs or tucked in over lounges. Suitable for older kids + snack time too!
-Change mat covers: The wipeable feature makes for a great Mat to tuck over and around changing table mattress too!

Change Mats

Changemats are considered an essential for any parent wishing to change their baby in the home or outside, on a clean surface. Our mats provide a super soft mat landing for your little one to lie upon. Perfect for laying baby down upon in your pram, on hard surfaces, for tummy time or for nappy changes in any setting.

Easily rolled up to fit within nappy bag; featuring a handy strap to enclose the mat when rolled up.

Luxuriously soft and durable changing mat featuring Australia designed artwork.

One side features our highest quality signature water-resistant laminated polyester (PUL) with the alternative side featuring a soft layer of soft microfleece.

Size: 70cm x 45cm

We don’t recommend tumble drying, so line drying is best. They are light weight, so you should find they do not take excessive lengths to dry.

Simply spraying with your bamboo spray bottle (we recommend filling with our Dr Bronner Baby range) and wiping down with a cloth wipe, the best option for a quick clean when out-and-about. 

You can do this numerous times, over numerous days, before requiring a machine wash for your mat.

Machine Washing: Simply wash with general laundry and nappies. 30-60 degrees Max. No tumble dry.

We recommend storing your changemat via rolling up and enclosing the strap around the mat. If heavily soiled, spray and wipe down before rolling up. 

You may wish to use a wetbag for storing your changemat along with other changing essentials in your nappy bag, such as cloth wipes and your bamboo spray bottle.

Reuseable Cloth Wipes

Reusable wipes are among the top three must-haves when prepping for baby, alongside cloth nappies & cloth pads!
Washable wipes are definitely part of what we’d term “the perfect trio” of reusable goods you should gift yourself (and your little one) when nesting time comes around for your Bub!
They’re seriously the gift that keeps on giving- saving your household budget hundreds over the course of your parenting years- as well as keeping excess waste out of landfill or waterways!

Some cool things to know about cloth wipes:

-       Purchase them in packs 10, with 20 being the perfect amount for full-time use!

- Each set includes the perfect cleansing bamboo spray bottle for use with your wipes.

- Made of super soft bamboo velour, they’re the perfect size, with just enough “grab” in the texture needed to handle all types of mess!

- Use them in and out of the home! Either wet them before use under a tap, keep them wet in a jar/container on the changing station, or store dry & keep a spray bottle handy to wet them/bub’s bottom when changing.

- Machine washable. Wash with nappies and/or general household laundry, 40-60 Degrees. Tumble-dry suitable.

- Taking out-and-about. Store in your Mini, Medium or Large Wetbag either damp or dry (with a spray bottle). *Medium Wetbags are double PUL!! They’re the best if taking your wipes out pre-wet.

- Wipe solution. Use with water-only or with a diluted organic natural baby wash (Dr. Bronner’s vegan organic Castile soap is our go-to, diluted in the spray bottle!)

- Cloth wipes are the PERFECT solution for baby’s sensitive to conventional wipes! Use with water-only and they’re gentle and you can be assured of what is touching your baby’s skin.

- Versatile in nature. Cloth wipes make for great body washers, makeup removal wipes, burp rags, hand wipes & more!

We recommend purchasing our organic baby soap range by Dr Bronner’s to support your cloth wipe use. 

Dr Bronner’s is a concentrate, meaning you will get extended use out of the single compostable bottle. 

Simply add a couple of drops to your bamboo spray bottle, top up with water and keep in your wetbag or nappy bag, and another at your changing station. 

Dr Bronner’s is a multi-purpose, non-toxic and unscented Hemp Baby Pure Castile Soap, the perfect compliment to our cloth wipe and spray bottle system. 

Certified Fair trade and made with Organic Oil.

100% Post-consumer recycled plastic bottle.

Dilute your castile soap in water for all needs. Dilution specific ratios are listed on the bottle labelling for reference.

18 uses such as Shave, shampoo, bath, mop, lander, degrease,

No synthetic preservatives, detergents or foaming agents.

Ingredients: Water, Organic Coconut Oil*, Potassium Hydroxide**, Organic Palm Kernel Oil*, Organic Olive Oil*, Organic Hemp Oil, Organic Jojoba Oil, Citric Acid, Tocopherol.

- Simply wet a wipe under your tap before changing or keep a day’s worth wet in a container on your change table.
- Otherwise heavily dilute your natural baby soap solution in a spray bottle, to spray bub’s bottom & wipe.
-1 wipe= 1 pooey change in most cases! (Teething explosions included!)

The ideal recommendation would be 20 wipes if wishing to wash every 2nd day. More may be needed if sending wipes to day care, or if you plan on keeping a wipes set in other locations such as your car/nappy bag. 

You will require 1 wipe per soiled number. 2 nappy change. You can fold the wipe over and reuse if not heavily soiled.

- Store wipes dry in your wet-bag & either moisten when required under a tap, or take along your spray bottle/drink bottle to moisten when changing.
- Or pack your wipes dampened (not dripping wet) and keep in your Wetbag so they are ready to go when needed.


Our Medium Wetbags are perfectly suited as your little carry-case for cloth wipes + bottle; keeping your nappy bag organised.
Our Medium Wetbags feature lovely double-lined water resistant fabric, a handy strap to attach your wipes storage to wrists/prams/head rest etc!

Our bottles work alongside your wipes to support your sunny cloth adventures; creating a solution for keeping those wipes wet & little bottoms clean!

How to use?
Step 1) Simply fill your bottle with water, or even better, our organic natural baby soap solution by Dr Bronner (Insert link).
Step 2) When ready for a bottom change or if little grubby hands or faces need wiping, spray any murky areas & gently wipe down with your cloth!
Otherwise spray on the cloth first and proceed to clean.
Step 3) Wash cloth wipes along with your nappies, pads or & general family household laundry. Best washed at 40-60 degrees and dry-pail stored in between using and washing day!

Our new bottles, also make the perfect little spritzer for all your DIY cosmetics, home cleaning or sanitising solutions.

Endless options! Body or face washers, reusable toilet paper, burp clothes, makeup removing wipes...

If you follow our recommended nappy washing guide, your wipes should not hold on to any heavy markings. We recommend dry-pailing your wipes until wash day and wash as you would your nappies (40-60 degrees via two cycles). 

Otherwise for heavy soiling on your wipes, simply rinse and strain under the tap, before dry pailing.

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