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Bare and Boho

Wet Bag Sets

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Recycled Yarn Sunshine

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Our nappy wet bag trio includes one mini, one medium and one large wet bag. All wet bags are made from water-resistant recycled post-consumer polyester. Wet bags include zip closure and handy wrist strap for travel or to hang on pram or nappy change table. Large wet bag features dual pockets to store wet and dry items separately.

The practicality and functionality of our mixed wetbag sizes is to ensure you are covered for a diverse number of situations when out and about or simply storing and organising your reusables. It is practical to keep the trio of sizes for home, day care and travel needs as there may be occasions when you need multiple changes (and children) being catered to for storage.

The versatility of uses means you can cater to other storage needs with the three sizes, such as medications, dummies, tablewares, snacks, reusables and swimming lessons. It is very rare that a single wetbag would suffice for a cloth-nappy family.

Features designer prints by Australian artists.

Bundle includes:
1 x Mini Wet Bag
1 x Medium Wet Bag
1 x Large Wet Bag



Mini wet bag
14 cm length x 24cm wIdth

Medium Wet Bag
25cm length x 25cm width

Large Wet Bag
38cm length x 34cm width


90% Recycled Post-Consumer Polyester + 10% Polyurethane Laminate


Machine wash, 30-60 degrees max. Do not tumble dry. Do not Iron.



+ Do The Wet Bags Leak or Smell?

Our nappy wet bags are water-resistant with a strong and durable zipper. They will not leak and will keep smells contained.

+ How Many Nappies Can It Fit Into a Wet Bag?

Our multi-sized wetbags cater to varied outing requirements.

The small wetbag (aka mini) equates to a single nappy change or for reusable cloth pads / breast pads for the day. This means you can feel assured that a cover + insert +2 cloth wipes can be rolled and stored for a discreet option.

The medium wetbag is suitable for a couple of nappy changes and can store between 3-6 nappy changes, depending on whether you are packing pre-stuffed cloth nappies and 3-6 inserts and wipes.

The large wetbag features the double pockets, so typically the front is used for clean sets, whilst the rear laminate lined pocket is used for the soiled items.The large can handle 2-3 days worth of nappy changes, depending on whether you are traveling with a handful of nappy covers and a large quantity of inners and wipes or if you are simply storing pre-stuffed nappies.

If the latter, a large wetbag can typically store 8-12 stuffed nappies and wipes (covers and inserts stored separately is more space effective if needing to bulk).

+ How Long Can You Leave Wet Items in the Wet Bag?

We don’t recommend storing soiled items in your wet bag longer than 24 hours as this can become a perfect environment for mould to grow.

You can however remove items from your wet bag at the end of the day when soiled, and then air out the bag for another use before washing. We recommend washing when you wash your nappies every 2-3 days.


2021 Earth Lover Collection

Bare and Boho is proud to confirm this collection contains OEKO-TEX* and GOTS certified fabrics, as well as yarn certified via the Global Recycling Standard.

We are also proud members of the Global Ethical Supplier Platform - Sedex.

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