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Trial Cloth Pads

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Our reusable pads are lightweight, soft, durable and ultra-absorbent. Cloth pads consist of a water-resistant anti-leak base layer of recycled post-consumer polyester + polyurethane laminate with wings designed to snap fasten around the base of underwear for security. The wing snaps have 2 size options in width to cater to your desired fit. Each size cloth pad contains varying layers of absorbent organic bamboo cotton fleece.

Our trial pack is the perfect option for those new to cloth pads. It includes one cloth pad in each size and one of our mini wet bags for easy storage of your cloth pads when you're out and about.

Beyond periods, our reusable sanitary pads are effective for perspiration, incontinence and post-partum use.







Size Guide
Size guide for the Bare & Boho sanitary pads


Cloth Pad Outer
90% Recycled Post-Consumer Polyester + 10% Polyurethane Laminate

Cloth Pad Lining
Bamboo/Cotton Fleece (70%bamboo 30%cotton)

Mini wet bag
90% Recycled Post-Consumer Polyester + 10% Polyurethane Laminate


Cloth Pads
Machine wash - 40-60 degrees max. Line dry with lining facing sun. Tumble dry on low.
Do not iron.

Mini Wet Bag
Machine wash - 40-60 degrees max. Do not tumble dry. Do not iron.


To download pdf copy of this nappy fitting and washing guide click on the image below.


+ Are Reusable Period Pads Comfortable to Wear?

Yes - much softer and thinner than the standard disposable pads. They aren’t bulky like disposable pads and the cotton makes them much more breathable. They also don’t rub or move due to how they clip in, which means no chaffing or need to adjust.

+ How Many Reusable Sanitary Pads Do I Need?

The quantity of reusable menstrual pads you require to get you through a cycle will depend on if you want to use cotton reusable pads exclusively and the duration of your period. If you are planning on only using reusable period pads, we recommend 20 pads as a good start.

+ How Long Should I Wear A Reusable Sanitary Pad Before Changing It?

It depends on your flow and the pad you opted for. But generally, the change time should be similar to when you change a disposable pad, every 2 - 4 hours. The more absorbent pads will last longer between changes.

+ I Am Out & About and Need to Change, How Do I Store Them?

We offer a gorgeous range of wet bags that are designed to carry soiled and damp items. Pop your used pads in, zip it up and then add to your laundry hamper or dry pail when you get home. Our wet bags feature a water-resistant lining, so nothing will seep through and there will be no odour.

+ How Long Do Reusable Pads Last?

Made from high-quality fabrics, our reusable cloth pads are made to last for years. They will withstand many washes, given you wash them properly with natural stain removers and gentle detergents that don’t contain fabric softeners. We recommend Kin Kin Lavender and Ylang Ylang laundry liquid and Tuff Stuff Stain Remover Bar.

+ What Separates Our Reusable Pads From Other Brands?

Our reusable pads are different from others in the market based on a range of features including:

  • Beautiful exclusive and commissioned artworks on our water-resistant fabric layers produced by our collaborative Australian artists
  • Custom length and wing-tab shape based on years of development and customer feedback
  • Customised dual-width snap feature on the wings to alter the width of the pads
  • Use of GOTS natural organic cotton fleece for best absorption and comfort
  • Use of natural coloured fibre as opposed to dark-dyed absorption fabric to allow for healthy menstrual checks during your cycle
  • Customised reusable cloth pad bundles to suit those wishing to trial pads or those wanting to build a sufficient stash
  • Further accessories to complement the use of our organic cotton menstrual pads such as wet bags with zippers, organic natural non-toxic cleaning products such as our Tuff Stuff Stain Bars and Kin Kin Detergent.

For more answers to your reusable cloth pad questions, check out our sanitary product faqs.


2021 Earth Lover Collection

Bare and Boho is proud to confirm this collection contains OEKO-TEX* and GOTS certified fabrics, as well as yarn certified via the Global Recycling Standard.

We are also proud members of the Global Ethical Supplier Platform - Sedex.

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