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Strucket Dry Pail Solution

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Just like a normal nappy bucket (but better), the Strucket is the perfect item to help you with your cloth nappy dry pailing needs.

This heavenly product consists of a bucket and strainer that work hand in hand to cater for all household requirements. Whether it's for cleaning, sanitising, soaking and dry pailing, the Strucket can do it all.

With two available sizes (19L and 4.5L) and 6 colours options, you can choose which Strucket is best for you.

19L - Recommended for Nappy Dry Pail use.
4.5L - Recommended for Cloth Pad / Cloth Wipes Dry Pailing, toy, teethers and bottles sanitisation or for kitchen use such as fruit and veggie washing.

Australian Designed & Made.

Please note: 19L Strucket does not come with a lid.


27.7cm length x 18.4cm width x 18.7cm height

44.5cm length x 31.5cm width x 27.5cm height


BPA Free


Cloth Nappies

It's the perfect dry-pail nappy solution, working better than traditional nappy buckets.

Strucket is here to support families through their sustainable parenting journey – including reusable cloth nappies, reusable baby wipes, bibs and clothing.

Simply sit the inner strainer component up on the edge of the base groove, for full aeration.

Fill the Strucket with soiled nappies, reusable pads and cloth wipes, awaiting washing day. Hand-rinse heavily soiled items and place them back in the Strucket to sit until machine washing every 2-3 days.

Check out our Nappy Washing Guide for further details regarding a sufficient wash routine.

Disinfecting Toys

Have you ever tried cleaning Lego? It's not easy! Strucket can be used to disinfect your toys, ensuring no bad germs will be getting your kids sick. It's perfect to use after kids parties, in child care, schools and around the house.

Fruit & Veggie Wash

Place your items in the Strucket with some Apple Cider Vinegar or Dr Bronner Pure Castile Soap as the natural way to wash your produce. After soaking, lift the strainer component to drain the soiled water.


Bare and Boho - Cleaning your Cloth Nappies with Strucket


Bare and Boho - Cleaning Cloth Pads and Period Undies V3 with Strucket


+ Which Size Strucket is Best?

Both are great!

We recommend the 19L for all your cloth nappy components and the 4.5L for all your feminine hygiene products.

+ Why Does the Struket Make a Good Dry Pail?

It creates an aerated environment for your cloth nappies which is exactly what they require when being stored in between washes (pre-wash and main wash).

Due to our products containing natural fibres, they need to remain as dry as possible so as to not create a breeding ground for bacteria and other nasties, which can occur if your cloth nappies are not in a dry and airy environment.

+ How Many Days Can I Dry Pail My Cloth Nappies in the Strucket?

We recommend storing your cloth nappies in your Strucket between prewash and main wash. Our recommendation for washing is to pre-wash every 1-2 days, followed by your main wash back to back on day 2 or 3. For more information on our recommended washing and drying routine, please head to our cloth nappies FAQ's page.

+ Why Shouldn't I Soak My Dirty Cloth Nappies in the Stucket?

Soaking your nappies is the old school way of using cloth nappies, nowadays the machine will do it all.

The ideal environment to avoid bacteria and mould is to keep your nappies aerated and as dry as possible between removal from bubs bottom and adding to the washing machine. That's why our dry pail (Strucket) works well for our products (cloth nappies, reusable baby wipes, reusable sanitary pads, etc) because it provides full aeration.

It was found that the older style methods of soaking could also be considered dangerous as having opened buckets of water around your home is a drowning hazard. It's much safer and more effective to dry pail cloth nappies.

+ How Do I Position My Strucket?

We recommend having your strainer sitting up inside the bucket on the side ledge. This allows as much aeration as possible to flow within.


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    Simone J.
    Australia Australia

    Is a solution.

    I wish the larger size had a lid like the smaller one - I have both and use them together effectively

    Kate V.
    Australia Australia

    Strucket is a must

    Love my strucket perfect for dry pailing nappies then soaking all the little things

    Kyren Y.
    Australia Australia

    Love these buckets. So practical

    Have got 3 all up with not a nappy Wearers in sight, currently. Buckets are soooo practical. One in the house and two in the van, where the big one doubles as a clothes transport and the Laundry basket as well. Love it.

    Sarah K.
    New Zealand New Zealand

    I no longer procrastinate soaking laundry

    Love my strucket! I used to put off laundering things that needed extra attention but now I just want to soak everything as it makes it just that much easier! It’s sturdy and high quality - an investment that will last for a very very long time and get a lot of use (the amount I’ve used it more than justifies the cost)

    Jess S.
    Australia Australia

    Very lovely product, thank you!

    Thanks for sending through my order very quickly. I love the cloth pads, they are exactly what I expected them to be like.

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