Stain Remover Bar 3 Pack

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Australian made, this miracle stain removing bar is not only vegan, but natural, safe and infused with essential oils!

You can wet your soiled pads, nappies, wipes or other textile product and gently agitate with the bar (in or without the net).

Blended with Lemon and Eucalyptus, this bar helps lift stubborn stains and smells from all textiles, including: cloth nappies, cloth pads, clothing, carpet, upholstery, shoes etc!

This bar is ready-to-use, and is netted, and arrived with a waterproof tag with cleaning instructions. This bar has reportedly successfully removed dirt, grease, oil, grass stains, red wine, blood and ink from textiles!


Simply moisten the stain and work the netted soap in to a lather on the stain. Then rinse. Not only will your item look fresh, but it will also smell fresh!

*For more delicate items such as cloth pads and nappy inserts, you may find removing the bar from the net gentler on the fabrics.