Cloth Nappy Bundles (OSFM)

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Designer Modern Cloth Nappies for the Minimalist!

The Ultimate Snap-in-Snap-Out Nappy system, featuring Australia's own original reusable and wipeable Shell!

Our nappy collection is designed to make nappy changing simple, efficient, cost-effective and environmentally friendly!

Thoughtfully designed in Australia & is ethically created featuring custom elements and signature hand-painted commissioned artworks.

Our innovative design features of the shell, offers the ability to reuse your shell through numerous changing, which makes using our nappies on-the-go, so efficient!

Understanding how the nappy components fit together has never been more simple!

Our absorbent inserts and boosters simply snap together in to the lining of the shell, via the snaps and sockets located on each end and both sides of the components.

Perfect for any parent who is new to cloth, as well as grandparents, daycares and friends who may be responsible for changing your little one! 

OSFM stands for One-Size-Fits-Most and is suitable for weight ranges between 4/5kg up to 16/18kg.

Available with Hemp-Organic Cotton Inserts, Bamboo-cotton Inser or you can opt to mix your stash with half-and-half via our "Blend"option.

Nappy Features
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Single Set:

1 Shell + 1 insert + 1 Booster

Trial Pack:

3 Shells + 6 Inserts + 3 Boosters

(Save $11.70-$13.85)

Basic Pack:

6 shells + 12 inserts + 6 Boosters 

(Save $44.40-49.70)

Ultimate Pack (Part-Time/Full-time):

9 shells + 18 Inserts + 9 Boosters + Large Wet-bag

(Save $62.10-70.05)

Super Pack (Full-Time):

12 Shells + 24 Inserts + 12 Boosters + Large Wet-bag

(Save $78.30-93.90)


Shell-Only Packs:

3-Shell Pack (Save $5.85) 


    Our Nappy Sizes:
    Our Nappy Components:
    Nappy Features
    Fitting our Shells
    How many do I need?
    1.  Shake/Use toilet paper to scrape solid waste off inserts.
    2. Hand rinse soiled insert under laundry tap to remove excess waste.
    3. Squeeze water out, then place in the dry bucket with airflow, until ready to wash. For heavily soiled inserts, use soap bar such as “Tuff Stuff” to agitate stains before they set.
    4. Reusable/disposable liners: Shake waste off reusable fleece liner into toilet and place in dry bucket until washing OR Place disposable liner in your garbage.
    5. Washing Day: Every 24-48 hours, unload bucket contents in to washing machine.
    6. 30-45 Min Wash Cycle: Max 30-40 degrees, Removes excess soiling prior to main wash (1/2 dose recommended detergent for your machine). Use rinse cycle that removes the dirty water.
    7. Ensure removal of PUL items such as nappy shells once complete before Main wash if opting for HOT Main wash (60 degrees). These can be shade-dried.
    8. 1-2 Hr Long Heavy Cycle: Max 60 degrees. Use recommended dosage of detergent for your load size. Double dosage if choosing to use an eco/Plant Based detergent.
    9. Recommended: Add general household laundry to this phase of the wash if not washing enough nappies to fill 2/3 of the machine when wet.
    10. Drying Inserts/Boosters:Drying in direct sunlight or air dry is recommended. Tumble-dry on Delicate setting only.
    11. Drying Shells: Shade dry only with patterned side facing upwards. Do not tumble-dry or dry in direct sunlight any products containing PUL as this can damage shells and void warranty.
    12. Recommended Detergents:Natural (double dose)Eco Store Laundry Poweder, Kin Kin Naturals. Commercial (regular dose) Omo Ultimate Powder, Biozet Attack, Radiant Laundry Liquid
    *Dry-Pail: Open-Lid Storage Container Such As A Bucket Or Plastic Laundry Bucket Until Ready To Wash. It Is Termed "Dry-Pailing" As We No Longer Have To Soak Modern Cloth Nappies Like Traditional Cloth Nappies. Lots Of Air Flow Is Recommended While Waiting Until Laundry Day, So Opting For A Basket With Hole In The Sides Are Ideal.

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      Steph E.

      Sunflower Life

      We absolutely love bare and boho products. We are obsessed with the sunflower and own everything in it! The change mates are amazing and I absolutely love that you can roll it up and snap it together so it stays rolled in the baby bag. The nappies are fantastic and we use them boosted for our night nappies- 8 hour tummy sleeper & have never had a leak! Cannot remmonemd this brand and their products enough!

      Kirsten H.

      Wonderful to use

      Bare & Boho nappies are fantastic!!! A simple and easy to use design makes using cloth nappies for the first time a breeze. The prints are also amazing and service is excellent. Thanks again.


      Beautiful product

      Such a beautiful product, we have been using them for a few months now and can’t recommend them enough. Not only do they look awesome on, bubba has had zero nappy rash or skin irritations and they are so good at containing everything.

      Mrs. H.


      We are very new to the cloth nappy world and are just trialing them out at the moment. We bought a few samples from different places and I have to say Bare and boho were the most beautiful ones we bought! I did feel they are a little more bulkier than the others we bought which is a shame but I think they’re all bulky compared to disposables so will take some getting used to!

      Tiffany G.

      Environmental, functional and stylish

      Haven’t used them yet but already seem easy to use. Had great feedback and referral from a friend using these nappies. Love the styles and the fact you can wipe down the shells rather than having to wash the lot at every change! Good value for money buying in bulk compared to other big brands on the market. If all works well I’ll be buying more ☺️ I’ll keep you posted! Baby due June