Ultimate Cloth Lover - 12 Nappies

Newborns, Premature babies, or Twins 1-5kg

Includes: 12 Outer Shells, 12 Nappy Inserts




Reusable Cloth Nappies

Bundle Includes: 12 Designer Outer Shell, 12 Eco-Friendly Nappy Inserts.

Reusable Cloth Nappies for the modern and minimalist family. Australian owned and operated in Brisbane, Queensland. Featuring high-end fabrics, organic materials and unique commissioned artworks.

Bare and Boho are a designer cloth nappy system offering ease of use and simplicity, without compromising on efficiency and convenience. 

Our nappy collection is designed to make nappy changing simple, efficient, cost-effective and environmentally friendly. We offer a functional nappy for all members of the family, day care and guardians, to use.

We are passionate about supporting local Australian Artists and commission and source unique and exclusive artworks for our fabric prints. We have formed positive long-standing collaborative partnerships with various artists nation-wide, of First nations Indigenous background and Non-Indigenous creatives.

Our reusable cloth nappy system features!

Understanding how the nappy components fit together has never been simpler!

Our reusable cloth nappy system features an outer water-resistant nappy shell uniquely designed with our wipeable inner lining. Offering you the ability to reuse your shell through numerous changing, which makes using our nappies on-the-go, so efficient!

The separate inner absorbency components -inserts, trifolds and boosters- are available in complimentary sizes and simply snap -in to your shell.

Our Dual Size Feature!

Bare and Boho cater to all shapes, sizes and purposes covered in our dual range sizing of reusable cloth nappies:

Newborn / Premature: Suitable for weight ranges between 1-5kg. Designed for tiny bottoms; less bulk and less fabric for first-time parents!

One-Size: Suitable for weight ranges between 4kg - 18kg.

Our Nappy Components!

1. Nappy Shell

Outer water-resistant shell features light-weight and soft water-resistant fabric.

Featuring double elasticated gussets which create further panelling offering extra leak-guard around the inner thighs, as well as gusseting at the rear of the nappy to avoid leakage up the back.

Featuring snaps in the groin to size the length and snaps at the waist to size the tummy fit. 

How to Size:

Length Fit: 
4 rows of snaps allowing parents to customise length of their nappy, providing a custom fit around the thighs.  (Snaps situated in the lower section front-panel of nappy shell.)

Tummy Fit: 
Single row (Newborn) and double row (One-size) snaps situated at front-waist of the nappy shell, to fit the tummy. Overlapping closure feature available.  

2. Insert:

Designed for day use to absorb soiling. Changing recommended between 2-6 hours.

4 Layers of absorbent fabric with Double-Layered Side gusseting around the thigh contour for maximum anti-leak protection.

Option 1: The “Eco Warrior” Hemp-Organic Cotton Blend

Hemp is the more sustainably and organically grown fibre and creates a more natural and unprocessed fabric. It is also a durable fabric. Being without a synthetic blend, hemp has the tendency to dry stiff, and can be very textured. But once against the body, softens with baby’s body warmth. 

Option 2: The “Stay Dry “Bamboo-cotton with quick dry Microfleece top layer.

The Bamboo based Stay-dry Insert is slightly more affordable which can impact on decision making, and although stems from a natural source being the bamboo plant, it does undergo extensive processing to convert to a fibre. Bamboo Inserts are blended with cotton, so there are no other added synthetic blends. Bamboo-Cotton does also make for an absorbent and thirsty fabric. With the added benefit of the top layer being microfleece, this insert will not feel wet for your little one as opposed to our natural fibre Hemp insert alternative. Microfleece wicks away moisture.

3. Booster Pad

Designed to add a trim extra absorbency layer to the insert option if you require longer times between changing. You can fold the booster in half and sit at the front of the nappy for boys or tummy-sleepers in particular. 3 Layers Bamboo-cotton with quick dry Microfleece top layer, contoured to provide optimal fit.

4. Ultra Tri-fold

Designed as the ultra-thirsty alternative to the general insert for day or night use, also can be used combined with the above inners for added absorbency for night use.

3 Layers Bamboo-Cotton fabric which folds thrice to create 9 thirsty layers.



To download pdf copy of this nappy fitting guide click on the image below.


To download pdf copy of the Night Nappy Trifold fitting guide click on the image below.


To download pdf copy of this nappy fitting and washing guide click on the image below.


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Danielle M.
Australia Australia
Great nappies

The nappies are great. I love the double gusset around the legs, it's a lifesaver. The smaller size is also great to have for my small baby. I prefer the hemp inserts. I was hesitant to try these due to some description (I can't remember where I read this) saying that the hemp inserts are heavier and stiffer, but more absorbent. I honestly think this is backwards! Yes they are more absorbent, but they're also more flexible, fit better, and keep their shape better. The bamboo inserts seem to get all squished up whilst they're on her and don't perform as well – they're also more of a pain to stretch out after each wash, and despite my best efforts they've shrunk a bit more than I'd like (the hemp have not). I wish I'd gone for 100% hemp inserts. As for the boosters, I am not a fan of the inserts you lay on top instead of the old snap underneath system. For one thing, they keep hanging out the front and back of the nappy instead of fitting inside it properly. I've tried to shrink them several times, but haven't won that fight yet. I have one of the old snap in ones and it's great.

Ekua A.
Australia Australia
Mini cloth nappies

Bought the trial pack cloth nappies in the newborn size and was so happy with them that I immediately placed an order for the part time nappies so that I can cloth diaper my newborn baby full time and as soon as my newborn outgrows them I will placing an order for the one size nappies. These cloth nappies fit so well and the quality is outstanding. And to top it off delivery was super quick! Thank you Bare and Boho

Stephanie C.
Australia Australia

I haven’t used these on our baby yet as bubs is due in March, so I can’t review how they go on bubs yet, but the quality of the product is outstanding and SOOOO soft. I can only imagine this tiny bum will be very comfy in these nappies.

Tahlia B.
Australia Australia
Beautiful nappies! Such high quality

Beautiful little newborn nappy! I love the green fronds, such soft material and they look so cute on. Very, very happy customer :)

Renee B.
Australia Australia

I and a FTM and have bought a few trial packs from a few different cloth nappy brands to see which ones I like the best, Bare and Boho is by far my favourite!! The most adorable designs, easy to use and wash and just seem to be the softest and most comfy fit. I will be making another order!