Nappy Tote

The Bare + Boho Nappy Tote is luxurious, yet honest and is the perfect solution for the minimalist parent.

It is designed using light-weight, eco-friendly and durable washable recycled paper. The unique material is completely washable, and has the look and feel of leather.

This innovative design is for parents who desire a fashionable, neutral and natural nappy bag that is multipurpose beyond baby needs.

This design interior is made with 100% natural cotton, and includes 6 large pockets for all the essential baby supplies.

The bag features shoulder straps made with durable fabric to withhold heavy loads up to 5kg.

The tote can be hand-washed in cold or warm water using a mild detergent or soap, be sure to rinse thoroughly and reshape before drying.

If you desire less creasing, you may iron the bag on a low temperature very lightly.

Drying naturally should not take long, do not tumble-dry.

Size: 40cm x 35cm x 14cm

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