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Introducing our Soft Cover Reusable Cloth Nappy Set; designed for the minimalist parent, with a unique snap-in-snap-out insert. 

Our Soft covers are a cost effective way for caregiver’s to reuse their nappy cover multiple times throughout the day.

Simply snap in your Bare and Boho insert and snap out when soiled. You can also wipe down the lining of the nappy between changes. 

This system, is ideal for minimalist parents, when traveling and when out-and-about, as you are able to travel with less. Simply, pop a cover or two in your wet bag, and enough inserts to change every 2-4 hours and away you go! You can reuse your cover multiple times before washing. 

Our Newborn Nappy Sets are designed for weights 1-6kg and are ideal for twins or premature babies.

Each Newborn Cover Trio includes;

- 3 x SOFT Reusable Nappy Covers

Our New and Improved Nappy Covers (2.0) feature the below inclusions:

- Double gussets in the groin for ultimate leak protection.

- NEW tummy elastics to avoid gaping at the tummy when the nappy is worn. 

- NEW Internal protection flap at the rear of nappy to avoid explosions up the rear of the nappy. 

- NEW Wider and softer back elastics and inner groin elastics, for ultimate comfort for your little one. 

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