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Lunch Bags

We’ve lovingly designed our brand new recycled polyester Lunch Bags, with every busy parent - and mini - in mind! 

Our lunch bags feature insulated lining and a wide Velcro opening that provides a perfect seal for insulation. The internal space is luxurious, accommodating for multiple lunchboxes or snack sets. The external fabric is manufactured using recycled polyester fibre from post-consumer plastics, which is then adhered with water-resistant lining for leak protection.

Each lunch bag features double carry straps, as well as a detachable shoulder strap for ultimate support and convenience.

A cute addition can be found inside every lunch bag, in the form of a Name tag sewn in, much to every parent’s relief! You can write your little one’s name inside, with space for a contact number too.

Our bags can be spot washed and wiped down internally and externally, with warm soapy water. Any stubborn stains are best agitated with our best-selling stain remover Tuffy Bars.


Snack Sets

Introducing our brand new snack sets, the ultimate 2 Pack duo - and soon to be your most reached for item in the kitchen when it comes to meal prep or packing lunches!

We’ve kept busy parents and children in mind when designing these, as we wanted to ensure the sizing would suit a variety of foods. Our snack sets are the perfect companion for work, school, adventuring and more!

Every set includes a Large and Small round silicone tub, with an easy-to-open lid, that is ideal for little ones – and little hands! With their soft opening and grippy material, these are convenient and perfectly sized for both morning tea and lunch.

Our snack sets feature an internal measurement guide, allowing you to measure ingredients, track meal volume or for cooking too! You can create delicious pot-set recipes with our heat proof tubs, which make them a convenient option when wanting to bake and store, in the same tub.

Our snack sets are Airfryer, dishwasher and Freezer safe! (We recommend removing the lid). They are also heat resistant up to 220 Degrees Celsius.

Our snack sets are BPA Free, PVC Free, FDA Food Grade and non-toxic.

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