Compostable Nappy Liners | 3 Pack

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Introducing our Compostable Nappy Liners - These liners are the perfect addition to your nappy routine, offering both ease of use and sustainable disposal. 

Each set of liners includes 100 compostable liners.

Our liners are made from biodegradable material – 100% bamboo viscose -  that won't harm the environment. The liners are composed of a very fine weave, which allows solids to be trapped on the liner. This creates an easier cleanup, particularly when out-and-about, or at daycare.

Solids are trapped on the liner, and then at nappy change time, the liner is removed and placed in the bin. The soiled insert can be stored in our water-resistant and reusable wet bags until returning home, before placing in your dry pail. This avoids you needing to carry the soiled nappies – with solids inside – with you throughout the day.

After use you can also dispose of them in compost or waste bins designed for organic materials. These liners break down naturally, reducing landfill waste.

If you are looking for a reusable alternative to these disposable liners, head to our Reusable Liners


Made from soft 100% bamboo viscose in the form of a super fine mesh, designed to work as a catchment for solid waste.

Making cleaning of inserts much simpler, and helpful when traveling. These nappy liners are compostable and biodegradable.

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