Stainless Steel Wire Pegs


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Stainless Steel pegs are the handiest essential for your clothes line and wash routine! Stainless steel pegs are the better and more eco-friendly alternative to plastic or even timber pegs, as they offer you a much longer life span, and save excess waste ending in landfill.

We offer two varieties available in packs of 30 pegs and come with a handy 100% natural jute bag which are compostable.


Grade 304 Stainless Steel – The “tough” grade for higher corrosion and rust resistance that can be left outside without being too bothered about this. *Not appropriate for coastal locations- see our 316 grade below.

Appropriate for windy conditions.

Size: 2mm x 60mm length


Grade 316 Stainless Steel – The “marine” grade and the toughest, anti-rust steel pegs available. Ideal for families who live near the beach.

Size: 2mm x 60mm length