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3 Pack Cloth Nappy Wipeable Newborn Hemp

Our designer cloth nappies are stylish, simple, efficient, cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

Our wipeable cover nappies include:

A water-resistant cover that can easily be wiped clean with double gussets to prevent leakages. Easily fitted with adjustable snaps. Covers feature artwork designed by Australian artists.

A snap-in cloth nappy inserts that contains 4 layers of absorbent fabric with double-layered side gusseting around the thigh contour for maximum anti-leak protection. Available in bamboo or hemp.

Available in Newborn and One Size.

Each collection includes:
3 x Wipeable Covers
3 x Inserts




Cloth Nappy Wipeable Cover - One Size
Designed as a ‘One Size Fits Most’ option for babies and toddlers between 4-18kg.

32.5cm length x 35cm width (unsnapped, flat)

32cm length x 15.5cm width



Cloth Nappy Wipeable Cover - Bamboo

100% Polyester + Polyurethane Laminate

70% Bamboo, 30% Cotton + Microfleece Top Layer 100% Polyester


Cloth Nappy Wipeable Cover- Hemp

100% Polyester + Polyurethane Laminate

61.2% Organic Cotton, 38.8% Hemp



Machine wash - 40-60 degrees max. Do not tumble dry, line dry in shade.

Machine wash - 40-60 degrees max. Line dry or tumble dry.

See 'washing' tab for further information.



+ What Makes The Wipeable Cover Different From The Soft Cover Nappy?

The wipeable cover is our OG nappy design. This is our workhorse nappy!

The main differences are:

  • Not made from recycled yarn from plastic bottles like the soft cover nappy is.
  • Features a double-gusset, offering maximum leak protection.
  • The double elasticated gusset allows for more room in the nappy, making it ideal for boosting & overnight use. This makes them a great night cloth nappy!
  • The fit is generally more fiddly than the softcover and bulkier
  • The wipeable cover means you can reuse the cover multiple times despite the inner components becoming soiled whereas the soft cover once soiled must be washed.
+ Why Are Your Wipeable Nappies Bundled?

Bundling your cloth nappies is cheaper than buying them separately with the individual nappy components. High upfront costs can be a deterrent for many parents in uptaking reusable nappies despite the long term savings, so we wanted to ensure we provide cost-saving options.

+ Bamboo or Hemp Inserts - How Do I Choose?

We have opted for organic hemp-cotton fabric and a bamboo-cotton fabric with microfleece detail, for our cloth nappy inserts due to the durability, lessened environmental impact when manufacturing and degrading and better for baby's skin due to fewer chemicals involved when milling.

Option 1: The "Eco Warrior" Hemp-Organic Cotton Blend

Hemp is the more sustainably and organically grown fibre and creates a more natural and unprocessed fabric. It is also a durable fabric. Being without a synthetic blend, hemp has the tendency to dry stiff and can be very textured. But once against the body, softens with your baby’s body warmth.

Option 2: The Bamboo-Cotton Blend

The Bamboo based insert is slightly more affordable which can impact decision making, and although stems from a natural source being the bamboo plant, it does undergo extensive processing to convert to a fibre. Bamboo inserts are blended with cotton, so there are no other added synthetic blends. Bamboo-cotton does also make for an absorbent and thirsty fabric.

We have provided these two high quality and durable inserts to suit the varying budgets of our customers.

+ What if I Just Want A New Cover Without the Inserts & Boosters?

If your'e looking to expand the covers in your stash, but are already stocked up on inserts, we now offer our soft & wipeable shells exclusively asnappy covers.

For more answers to your nappy questions, check out our cloth nappy faqs.

2021 Earth Lover Collection

Bare and Boho is proud to confirm this collection contains OEKO-TEX* and GOTS certified fabrics, as well as yarn certified via the Global Recycling Standard.

We are also proud members of the Global Ethical Supplier Platform - Sedex.

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