1 Pack Soft Cover Nappy Sets

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Recycled Yarn Kangaroo
Recycled Yarn Koala
Recycled Yarn Boardwalk
Recycled Yarn Scallops
Recycled Yarn So Sage
Recycled Yarn Gugin Bujerum
Recycled Yarn Pastel Fronds
Recycled Yarn Kangaroo Cream
Recycled Yarn Kookaburra
Recycled Yarn Sunshine
Recycled Yarn Earth
Recycled Yarn Fresh Flora
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Our designer cloth nappies are stylish, simple, efficient, cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

Our new soft cover nappies include:

A cover made from recycled post-consumer polyester (made from ocean-bound plastic bottles), featuring a soft lining and a water-resistant outer with artwork designed by Australian artists.

A snap-in cloth nappy insert that contains 4 layers of absorbent fabric with double-layered side gusseting around the thigh contour for maximum anti-leak protection. Available in bamboo or hemp.

A bamboo cloth nappy booster pad consists of 4 layers of absorbent fabric (bamboo cotton) contoured to provide an optimal fit.

Available in Newborn and One Size.

Each collection includes:
1 x Soft Covers
1 x Inserts
1 x Boosters



Cloth Nappy Soft Cover - Newborn
Designed for newborn or premature babies between 1-5kg.

28cm length x 27cm width (unsnapped, flat)

31.5cm length x 12.5cm width

30cm length x 11cm width

Cloth Nappy Soft Cover - One Size
Designed as a 'One Size Fits Most' option for babies and toddlers between 4-18kg.

32.5cm length x 35cm width (unsnapped, flat)

32cm length x 15.5cm width

32cm length x 14cm width


Cloth Nappy Soft Cover - Bamboo

Cover Outer
90% Recycled Post-Consumer Polyester + 10% Polyurethane Laminate

Cover Lining
100% Recycled Post-Consumer Polyester

70% Bamboo, 30% Cotton + Microfleece Top Layer 100% Polyester

70% Bamboo, 30% Cotton

Cloth Nappy Soft Cover - Hemp

Cover Outer
90% Recycled Post-Consumer Polyester + 10% Polyurethane Laminate

Cover Lining
100% Recycled Post-Consumer Polyester

61.2% Organic Cotton, 38.8% Hemp

70% Bamboo, 30% Cotton 


Machine wash - 40-60 degrees max. Do not tumble dry, line dry in shade.

Boosters and Inserts
Machine wash - 40-60 degrees max. Line dry or tumble dry.

See 'washing' tab for further information.



+ What Makes The Soft Cover Different From The Wipeable Cover Nappy?

Our softcover reusable nappy is our latest nappy design, featuring a recycled inner and outer lining made with yarn from transformed plastics.

This cover was designed after a long-time longing for a cosy lined option that was the trimmer sister to our original wipeable cover.⁠ ⁠

Some of the new features include:⁠

  • New wide and flat rear elastic, softly sitting against bub's back.⁠
  • New single gusset inner elastic, softly encased in the recycled stay-soft yarn. This creates a much more trim fit in the groin and less fabric bulge (great for chunky thighs).
  • New length added to the cover so the fit around the groin and thighs is an easy one! You will find fitting this nappy a breeze!⁠

Some of the same features that y’all love in the wipeable:⁠

  • Same snap-in system, making nappy changes simple and allowing you to reuse your cover if not soiled.⁠
  • Same tummy panel and wing tabs in the reinforced printed yarn.⁠
  • Same gusseted inserts (that cup bub’s bottom), boosters and trifold nappy inserts as the wipeable, meaning both styles are absolutely compatible!
+ Bamboo or Hemp Inserts - How Do I Choose?

We have opted for Organic Hemp-Cotton fabric and a Bamboo-Cotton fabric with microfleece detail, for our cloth nappy inserts due to the durability, lessened environmental impact when manufacturing and degrading and better for baby’s skin due to fewer chemicals involved when milling.

Option 1: The “Eco Warrior” Hemp-Organic Cotton Blend

Hemp is the more sustainably and organically grown fibre and creates a more natural and unprocessed fabric. It is also a durable fabric. Being without a synthetic blend, hemp has the tendency to dry stiff and can be very textured. But once against the body, softens with your baby’s body warmth.

Option 2: The Bamboo-Cotton Blend

The Bamboo based insert is slightly more affordable which can impact decision making, and although stems from a natural source being the bamboo plant, it does undergo extensive processing to convert to a fibre. Bamboo inserts are blended with cotton, so there are no other added synthetic blends. Bamboo-cotton does also make for an absorbent and thirsty fabric.

We have provided these two high quality and durable inserts to suit the varying budgets of our customers.

+ What if I Just Want A New Cover Without the Inserts & Boosters?

If your looking to expand the covers in your stash, but are already stocked up on inserts, we now offer our soft & wipeable shells exclusively as nappy covers.

For more answers to your nappy questions, check out our cloth nappy faqs.