Organic Cotton Reusable Cloth Pads

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 Our stunning collection of Organic Cotton Modern Cloth Pads encourage women to honour the sacred phase of menstruation in a luxurious, yet conscious manner. Our Pads have been thoughtfully designed to inspire women to embrace the ever-changing body temple, whilst understanding the implications disposable pads and tampons have on our health, our hygiene and the environment.

Our Cloth pads are an extremely cost-effective product to use during your cycle, but also importantly, will keep damaging waste out of landfill- preventing thousands of disposable pads, tampons, and liners out of the garbage or flushed in to our seas.

The Cloth Pads are extremely lightweight, soft and durable and provide comfort, whilst offering ultra absorbency.

Our range has been designed to suit all needs and manage various levels of absorbency, including Light, Medium, Heavy and Ultra Heavy Flows.

Light Flow Pad (2x Layers of Absorbency) is designed short like a panty-liner, and is super lightweight and suitable for light leaks and daily wear and light post-partum incontinence. Length 20cm.

Medium Flow Pad (2x Layers of Absorbency) is suitable for Medium flow and daily use, being longer than panty-liner in length. Length 26cm.

Heavy Flow Pad (3x Layers of Absorbency) is suitable for daily use with heavy periods. Length 29cm.

Ultra Heavy Flow Pad (3x Layers of Absorbency) are specifically shaped to accommodate for overnight and super heavy bleeding and post-partum bleeding. Length 33cm.

Our Cloth Pads consist of a water-resistant anti-leak base layer of PUL with wings designed to snap fasten around the base of underwear for security. The inner absorbent layers are made with varying numbers of thirsty layers, and then are topped with 100% Organic Cotton fleece.


We rotate prints each shipment, and will include a mixed bundle with your order. However if you had print preferences, we will do our best to accomodate as per the current designs below.

Please leave a note in the comment box when checking out listing any preferences you may have.

*Prewashing all pads on cold wash with detergent is recommended before use.

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Rhiannon K.


Made beautifully, soft, comfortable. But I would like some different options when it comes to the pattern/print, something that doesn't remind me of my grandmother's curtains/table cloth. I would think there would be some young girls that would like some more fun patterns and they might go to somewhere like Ezty for that, but I love this product and would like to buy more if there were some more options in the patterns.

Bonnie S.

Love your products

Your cloth pads are so soft, comfortable and breathable. I have now bought the light as well as the medium flow pads. I also love the deodorant paste and the skin rescue balm.


Wash really well

Ive used the mediums for a year now along with other brands and these wash beautifully. Other brands have either stained or worn out (looking shabby), these still look excellent and come out of the wash sparkling clean every time.

Lydia L.

The Light Flow Pads (liners) are perfect for pregnancy, saving money and the environment!

The Light Flow Pads are perfect as liners. I'm first-time pregnant and very quickly went through two packets of disposable liners due to pregnancy discharge. It was worrying me that I was throwing out so much stuff so I tried these and another brand of reusable liners. These are the best by far! The cotton stays cool on my skin, they absorb a lot and stay much 'dryer' than disposable liners, and the PUL waterproofing is a godsend when there's an occasional sneezing mishap. They do not feel or look bulky at all, and they have two different size settings for snapping around your underwear. They also dry fairly quickly on my air drying rack. I highly recommend them! I also bought some Ultra Heavy Flow Pads to use later on for maternity pads. They look a really good size and shape for that. Bonus is the beautiful prints on the back of the pads. I'm a convert after only a few days using the liners.

Hannah T.

Great product

I love how your cloth pads are super soft and comfortable! Thanks for a great product, I can't wait to get more!