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Our reusable micro fleece liners are a wonderful alternative to our disposable Bamboo Viscose Liners. They are designed to be laid flat over your nappy insert, to collect solid waste from embedding into the natural fibre inserts.

This will allow for easier clean up, as solid waste will fall more easily off liner, therefore protecting your natural fibre inserts and increasing their lifespan. Microfleece is also effective at wicking away moisture from baby's bottom, which will protect sensitive bottoms.

Reusable microfleece liners are also designed to be used when barrier cream is in use on baby's bottom. The liners will protect the inserts from heavy cream build-up, which can in turn detract from an inserts absorbency if no liner is in use.

Lay over the top of your nappy insert. When changing, shake waste off liner into toilet and place liner in dry-pail until wash day.

Wash with nappies, line dry or tumble-dry suitable.

Dimensions: 30cm x 15cm


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    Sarah K.
    New Zealand New Zealand
    Great liners for wicking away moisture

    I have been using these liners for wicking away moisture from my Bub at night time when she can be in her nappy for up to 12 hours. Easy to clean and quick to dry. They have been great so I have purchased a couple more packs to use as liners in every nappy as I prepare to feed my baby solids

    Ashlee M.
    Australia Australia
    Soft and no stains!

    The best colour to hide those tough stains!

    Steph Z.
    Australia Australia
    Best reusable nappy liners

    They have worn so well so far and washed perfect, will be buying another set soon so I can grow my stash! Thank you

    Louise C.
    Australia Australia
    Great alternative to disposable liners

    These liners keep bubs surprisingly dry. The only issue I have with them is when I wash them with bare and boho nappy inserts, the liners pick up some of the fluff. It then sticks to bubs bum bum. It's just difficult to wipe the fluff off. But does not irritate bub or anything so not a major issue.

    Sarah W.
    Australia Australia
    All so easy

    Great product. Easy to wash, dries super fast and not only catches those sneaky bubba poos but protects my pocket nappies too! A win in every area. Plus it is great being charcoal!