July 04, 2017


When sleeping women wake, mountains move…

Feeling my son travel through the depths of the birth canal, and then embracing his tiny wet frame against my skin, was my awakening.

Motherhood gave space to the light within me and nurtured my inner child; she who had become lost amidst the noise and disconnect of the modern world.

Bare and Boho, is the manifestation of inner dialogues, ideas, inspirations and motivations, that emerged as I surrendered more deeply to the beautiful season of motherhood. This venture represents the essence of motherhood as I perceive it; bare of complexities, grounded in nature and full of purpose.

The bohemian in me, is a reflection of the bohemian I believe has the predisposition to lay dormant in all women. Sometimes all that is needed is space, time and quiet reflection, to entice her out of the darkness where she so often hides. She brings with her freedom of thought, movement, alignment of body and mind, empowerment and connection with Earth.

Bare and Boho is not just a collection of products inspired by my personal journey with my son. My hope is for it to be space where freedom of ideas about holistic health, peaceful attachment parenting, compassionate and conscious living through veganism, minimalism and mindfulness of the environment, is shared. A place for all women, but especially mothers, to feel inspired and motivated to explore, embrace and nurture their minds and bodies, and to surrender themselves to the season of motherhood for which our bodies are so wonderfully made.