September 06, 2017


I think there is so much media constantly in our faces via TV shows/commercials, Facebook & Instagram, for meat & dairy products- resulting in a mainstream view that We need these animal products to make a meal flavoursome! 

Indeed For many it may seem tricky knowing how to make meals without these products!

However I also think that In this current age, there is so much inspiration out there for plant-based recipes. I truly believe that once people make the switch to plants, they naturally learn to get creative, try new flavours and ingredients, and come to LOVE how they feel and look and also start becoming more awakenend and conscious to their lifestyle choices in general.

I adore eating a stack of veggies piled high each night, but I also love veganising treats that I used to eat in my old non-vegan lifestyle.

But I also don't want to completely BORE the hubby with vegetable dishes either! So he also has a handful of favourite VEGAN meals he is constantly requesting!

I always love making food for my family combining nutrition and tasty treats! We certainly don't always eat healthy, (we both have a sweet-tooth for vegan delights!) but plants are the majority of our diet, and learning and experimenting with them to create simple delicious vegan meals, has become a very surprisingly fun and enjoyable task for me!

SO here is my simple & tasty Vegan Nachos! Enjoy! xo


Lentil Mince:

2 cups Slow-cooked or Sprouted Green/Brown Organic Lentils. (Alternatively, 2x cans of Organic Lentils from Supermarket)

3 Diced Tomatoes (Alternatively, 1x can of Organic Diced Tomatoes from supermarket)

1 Red Onion

2-3 Crushed/Diced Cloves of Garlic

1 Tblsp/Cube of Organic Veggie Stock Powder

1 Tblsp Dried Mixed Herbs

Organic Coconut Oil

Pinch Celtic Sea Salt

1 cup Diced Organic Mushrooms (Optional)


2-3 Avocados

1 Organic Tomato

1/2 Organic Red Onion

Fresh Lime/Lemon

Pinch Celtic Salt

Organic Olive Oil


2x Bags Non-GMO & Palm-Oil Free Corn Chips (Health Food Store/Healthy aisle in supermarket should stock)

Dairy-Free Vegan Cheddar/Mozzarella (Optional)


Mince: Fry in a pan with Coconut Oil the onion and garlic. Add Lentils, mushrooms, tomatoes, Veggie Stock Powder, dried herbs and salt; simmer for 15-20 minutes until all softened and combined.

Guacamole: Peel and mash the avocados. Finely dice onion and tomato and mix through the avocado. Drizzle with fresh lime/lemon juice, and also drizzle with Olive Oil. Season with salt. Stir all until combined.

Assemble: Pour Corn Chips into baking tray and warm up in oven for 5 minutes- be careful not to burn. On plate, lay handful of chips on the base, pour over the lentil mince, and dollop large spoonfuls of guacamole on top! Sprinkle Dairy-Free cheese or Nutritional Yeast Flakes over the top!

***Leftover Lentil Mince: Delicious on Toast, in burritos, on pizza or in tacos!