August 02, 2017


I’ve always gravitated towards the alternative; the extreme.

I was the kid with the black sprouted bread in her lunchbox, wearing a Radiation-Resisting Medallion around her neck. I was totally oblivious to what my classmates were discussing when it came to television or radio- as we owned neither- books were the encouraged form of entertainment.My parents were by no means hippies, but from a young age we did things differently.

My parents educated themselves about the societal indoctrination of infant vaccines, and impacts of mainstream pharmaceutical based medicine, after I became paralysed as a direct result of receiving my first infant vaccine; they bought organic food way before it became the trend; they researched and read all that there was on alternate health and wellbeing. They desired wholesome purity that impacted the types of foods we ate, the products we used, the constant nature-based activities...This was my culture- and now I understand what a blessing this truly was.

Never before have I felt such a yearning to resist the norm, and never with as much passion, as I do now with my baby in my arms. I witness the distortion of motherhood all around me, and my heart breaks as the bridge widens between nature, nurture and nourishment, and the methods of parenting today.

Bare + Boho organically developed through this awakened sense of resistance. As I watched my child grow, my exploration of minimalist and holistic parenting expanded, and my yearning to share this lifestyle of consciousness with others, grew.

Motherhood for me, is freedom. With this freedom, has developed an intense desire for simplicity, creativity and learning.

My products are not designed to just look beautiful; but are unique keys to freedom. They represent purpose and purity, and encourage an awakening of the wild bohemian that dwells deep inside every mama.

Stripping back to bare basics, appreciating the creative and passionate woman within each mother, and honouring and embracing the magnificence of the mother-baby bond, is the essence of Bare + Boho.

You, beautiful mama, deserve recognition, respect and the opportunity to experience health and vitality, and now more than ever, as you journey through motherhood.

Every child deserves to develop organically through utmost purity of surroundings; embraced and protected by healthy and thriving mothers who have surrendered themselves completely to the beauty of this season of a woman’s life.

Bare + Boho are not just a collection of items meant to look pretty in your home. They offer a chance for mothers to explore conscious living, through a healthier and more wholesome lifestyle.

My hope is to encourage mothers to appreciate this time, and honour their bodies and rejuvenate their souls. My hope is to spread awareness of the crumbling health of our planet, and to offer small solutions that can make a huge impact.

My purpose is to resist the norm, and open wide the door to freedom, where nature, nurture and nourishment flourish for mama, baby and our Earth.

I feel so very blessed to be sharing this adventure with you, beautiful mama.